Looking for a girlfriend involves a lot of factors to take into account so that everything goes well in the relationship. Relationships don’t always go well, they have their ups and downs; but the most important thing is love.

For boys who are starting out in matters of romance, it is sometimes difficult for them to understand women. This is totally normal, women think very differently from men; scientifically proven. Therefore, do not get involved if from time to time you do not understand your girlfriend, or if suddenly she throws a Christ and after five minutes she shows you a smile from ear to ear.

The key to keeping the relationship in peace and everything flowing properly is how you treat your girlfriend. Women have psychosocial needs; we are much more sentimental and emotional than men. In addition, everything varies according to age and culture, our complexity mentality is what makes us the most interesting and irresistible.

Have you heard that everything mysterious is attractive because it arouses curiosity? Well, aunts are the best of mysteries for men. Although for some they think that mystery is the worst nightmare; psychologically, the man is attracted to the woman by his sexual desire for her to discover in her much more than what her eyes can see.

If you want to learn how to treat your girlfriend, in this post we will explain everything you have to do to achieve it. It is not about manipulation or recipes; it’s about focusing on the love you have for him so that everything goes well and you can understand each other better.

Instructions to treat your girlfriend

  1. The first thing you have to know is that the best way to reach a woman’s heart is through her ears. Yes, strange as it may seem, women love to listen and react depending on it. Surely you think that what we like the most is to talk, but it is not true. Although we talk a lot and sometimes too much, listening is what touches our hearts the most.
  2. Therefore, be careful what you say to your girlfriend, especially the way you do it. We are specialists in the detection of variability’s in the tone and height of the voice; as well as expert analysts in the body language that accompanies each word. I am not telling you this to alarm you, nor to make you nervous; is that it is a reality and you have to take it into account.
  3. If your girlfriend is a young girl, it is most likely that she needs to hear cute, flirting words many times and that reinforce the love between you. When the woman is already an adult and mature, she does not focus so much on the words but rather on the actions that accompany them. For example, an 18-year-old aunt may be content to listen to your voice notes every day telling her that you love her and that she is the most beautiful, without expecting anything more. On the contrary, the adult woman expects you to first do something that shows her that love, and then believe your words.
  4. So that you do not have jealousy problems in your relationship, be sincere from the beginning. Lying always destroys relationships, even if they are white lies or simple omissions. It turns out that for women to discover a lie is a high betrayal of the feeling of love; because she interprets that you treat her with contempt and you consider that she is idiotic enough to never realize the matter. Do not be afraid to tell the truth and be yourself, it is the healthiest thing.
  5. Respect in a relationship is essential. Remember that respecting your girlfriend is not about that Catholic worldview about sexual taboo. It will be the couple’s decision whether or not to move to a sexual level in their relationship. Respect is about considering your partner’s values ​​important. If your girlfriend considers that having sex with you is not appropriate even if they are boyfriends, because she prefers to wait until marriage, you must respect her principles. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you or that she doesn’t feel sexual desire for you; it does not mean that she is a religious fanatic either, this is simply an ideal and as an idea you should support her.
  6. Regarding respect, for example, good physical treatment is essential. Above all, in those moments of discussion; when the last name goes to your head, it’s best to take a breath and count to ten before yelling or physically hurting your girlfriend. Always treat her with sweet respect for her feminine fragility, and if you notice that the situation is getting out of control, it is better to talk at another time.
  7. Managing anger is very important, especially when you feel frustrated that you don’t understand women. It is not so difficult when you are in love, you just have to read the signs that your girlfriend sends you and you will be able to discover what she wants.

What do you need to treat your girlfriend?

To understand your girlfriend you need to understand her signals; these signs are what will give you the key to knowing how to treat her the way she likes. Some of the most common signs are:

  •  If you notice that your girlfriend is asking you the same thing several times with different question styles; and she recurrently touches on some theme, don’t bother. It is not a simple repetition to annoy your life, something is bothering you and you need to talk about it. Before telling her that she seems like a repeater and that she should stop being suspicious, sit down with her and ask her face-to-face and tenderly if she needs to talk about it so that it can be resolved once and for all. She may refuse at first, but you must insist at least twice more, so that she agrees to talk to you and feels understood and listened to.
  • Another very common signal in women is testing their boyfriends. The proofs of love that women ask for have nothing to do with sexuality; we are a bit more materialistic, but in a good way. For example, if your girlfriend notices that you make the effort to accompany her to work every day and you go to look for her, even if that means you have to get up earlier and spend more money to go to work, that will impact her. Because the effort and money you invest in her makes her feel important and loved. Just like if you invite her to a fancy restaurant and give her an expensive engagement ring; it’s not about her value of her in euros, but about the effort you made to please her.
  • Now, the most important signal for a boyfriend to look out for is when his girl physically pulls away. When a woman doesn’t caress you, she doesn’t kiss you, she doesn’t look for you sexually like she did before, she is giving you a clear signal that something bothers her or makes her sad. It is not that she is punishing you, as many men think; it is that emotionally she is bad and she cannot express affection to you because she is very sad or disappointed. He tries to talk to her with tenderness and patience… Don’t get rough, don’t complain about him; don’t even think about telling her that she has forgotten you or she doesn’t love you anymore, because that will only make her more frustrated and angry.

Tips to treat your girlfriend

  1. If you have a Christian girlfriend, you have to value her principles and respect her decisions regarding sex. This is very important so that you treat her with respect and restraint. This will help strengthen long-term ties.
  2. On the other hand, if you have a girlfriend and you have already started a sexual life with her; never let the passion wane with the passage of time. Oddly enough, women get bored with the sexual routine much faster than men. Boredom in bed is a feminine evil that men often ignore. With this you must be especially careful, because apathy is one of the worst enemies of love relationships.
  3. If being romantic is not your thing, but you notice that your girlfriend likes flowers and chocolates. You don’t have to feel ridiculous or be an expert, because with a simple wild flower that you start along the way and place it in her de Ella hair you can leave your girlfriend more in love. Invite her to eat ice cream, buy her some chocolates and that’s it; that the important thing is the gesture how you deliver them. It’s not like you have to get down on your knees or anything like that, just making her close her eyes for a second and then handing them over will suffice.
  4. Remember that women love to listen, but listen to things that make her feel the center of attraction. If you spend an hour talking about yourself, your friends, your problems and your achievements; surely your girlfriend will get bored and feel used. Give her time to express herself, but talk to her about her consistent with what she is telling you so that she feels that you are paying attention to her about her and that you really care about her.
  5. Lastly, please don’t start snoring after sex. Dedicate a minute to contemplate it and exchange words. Just five minutes… This is vital for every woman, because they have given themselves completely for only one reason: to be taken over as the most important thing in your life. Do not leave her alone after the delivery of her from her; make her feel that you are still delighted and simply enjoying her presence from her.